Since I have launched my website and brand, everything has been flowing smoothly.  My t-shirts have been selling but not as fast as I hoped for.  I have realized anytime you are spreading the gospel, people are not quick to buy but they will tell you that your brand is nice.  I will not give up on what God has given me the desire and passion to do. I thought about the scripture 1 Sam. 15:22 "to obey is better than sacrifice."  I'd rather do what God has told me to do rather than worry about what others say or how they feel. So many people get discouraged when things don't go there way. But the question is, are we hear to please man or are we hear to please God?  I choose God! So be encouraged and follow your hearts desire, He promised to make room for our gifts (Prov. 18:16) and He will bless the work of our hands (Deut. 15:10).

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